The sun is an unlimited of energy sources and is continuous (not exhausted). At the beginning of research into the use of solar power, solar panels are usually used for the use of large amounts of energy such as industry. However, people are increasingly aware that they cannot rely on energy derived from fossil fuels. This is what underlies the idea of solar panels made in small sizes for household use.

Solar Home System

Now, every home can get electricity from sunlight by only installing solar panels less than 10m² on the rooftop. We will help you calculate how many watts / hour acoording your needs and it cost.

Portable Solar Charger

Used to store energy that has been obtained from solar panels. Can be used to charge various electronic devices such as cellphones, laptops, rice cookers, etc. Because its portable, this device can make your work easier.

Solar Charge Control

SCC serves to protect and automate battery charging. The purpose of its use is to optimize the system and keep battery life.